Welcome to the only company in town that can give you a truly custom cabinet solution!

Others can only quote the cabinets they (or their suppliers) have in stock, but we’re a full custom wood shop.

Whether you need to re-face your current cabinets or desire new custom units, we can give you want you want. We offer the best of both worlds.

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We are a full custom wood shop

We’re not limited to just installing new cabinets. We build everything we install right here. There are no imports in our shop. We’re locally owned and operated.

And because we have our own shop, we’re able to do any necessary adjustments in real time. As you know, when you have custom work done in your home, things may not fit exactly as planned or an item might get dinged in the installment process. A business that sells pre-fabricated cabinets will have to wait while a replacement is made and shipped – we can make adjustments without delay in our own local shop.


We blend craftsmanship with technology

We hand make our products, yes – but we also utilize the latest software technology.

We can produce a rendering of what your new custom kitchen will look like with your cabinet choices installed. It’s a lifelike image of the space for you to see before the first board is cut.

The technology we use also allows us to machine-cut the parts for greater accuracy and efficiency. This means a speedier process as well as exact measurements for greater efficiency.

Experienced custom home improvement

We’ve been building custom cabinets, closets, and other organizational spaces in the Indianapolis area for more than 24 years. We have a reputation for delivering quality home-improvement options that work for you and your budget.

If it’s time to invest in an upgrade in kitchen cabinets or organizational space, contact us and let’s set a time to talk.

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