Custom Built-ins

Custom Home Remodeling

Shelving, work spaces, home office desk areas, fireplace surrounds, craft rooms, and home libraries are just a few places where a custom built-in can transform an area into an outstanding space.

DIY projects have set sizes that you work around – but we build to fit the space, adding customized details like library ladders, locking cabinets for liquor storage, hidden compartments for valuables, gun safes, and trick locks that seem ‘invisible’.

We use materials of your choice, and offer everything from basic painted cabinetry to highly exotic wood, depending on your décor choices and budget. We also use a software that’s the most advanced in the industry. With our extensive auto cam design on the front end, we know how everything fits before it goes in.

Custom Benefits

Custom Fitted to Your Space

A big box supplier offers general shapes sizes that don’t always meet the needs of your home’s personal spaces. Having an expert custom design and construct your project ensures that you’re getting a beautiful end result that more exactly meets your needs.

Special Features

With custom built-ins, you can plan for all the details that suit your specific needs. Tailor your shelving, cabinetry, and work spaces to accommodate both space and functionality. Add special lighting, custom finishes to get the perfect end result.

Adds Value

Custom work inside a home is a luxury that ends up being a good investment. A custom built-in is not only functional and beautiful, but an upgrade that will add to your home’s value now and in the future.

Locally Owned and
Locally Built

We’re a locally owned and operated company, and we specialize in working for local contractors and businesses. We do our own manufacturing in-house, so you’re never waiting for a supplier who has lengthy shipment times.

Best Materials

With all of our custom work, we use domestic hardwoods such as cherry, maple, walnut, oak, and hickory. We finish the wood with your choice of standard finishes and paints – or any custom combination you like.

Using the Latest Technology

We’re a small company with big manufacturer’s tools. We used advanced auto cad design to build custom pieces, and cut out on CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery. This is much more advanced than the general “drop-it-in” positioning used by most big suppliers.

Let’s discuss your needs, go over a budget, and plan for that custom built-in for your home. Make an appointment today.

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