Custom Closets

Closet Cabinets and Shelves

Do you need shelves for shoes? Racks for ties? Storage for watches and jewelry in a locked cabinet? Would you like in-closet lighting that allows you to see your clothes properly?

We can install exactly what you need and configure it properly to fit your available space.

We not only custom cut and install the pieces you need for closet organization, but we work with several different vendors and to offer all the latest ‘bells and whistles’ in for convenient storage.

We can do as much or little as you want – and you can get that 6-figure look for a 2-figure price.

Custom Benefits

Saves Time

When your closet is organized, you don’t waste time rummaging around looking for things that get crammed in wherever they fit. Whether you have a reach-in closet or a full walk-in, knowing exactly where things are makes access to your belongings quicker and easier.

Provides Luxury

A custom-built closet allows you to add the special storage compartments that are suitable to your particular clothing, shoes, belts, jewelry and other personal items. Special lighting, custom shelving, and a personal layout provide not only organization but a sense of luxury.

Adds Value

This is one functional upgrade that undoubtedly adds value to your home. Whether you have a top-of-the line closet build-out or a snug, efficient re-organization, your closet cabinets and shelves will be an investment in your home that keeps its value.

Locally Owned and
Locally Built

When you get products from us, you’re getting something that was built right here in your neighborhood. We build what we install and we take pride in our craftsmanship. Carpentry is as much an art as it is a science – and when you need something extra, we’re right here to provide it.

We Use Quality Materials

When we build our cabinets. we use domestic hardwoods such as cherry, maple, walnut, oak, and hickory. We also offer standard finishes and paints, although you can choose any custom combination you like. It’s your closet – we want it to be just right for you.

The Latest Technology, Latest Styles

Because we do our own manufacturing, we can do things in real time. That allows us to stay current with all the latest trends. There’s no waiting on a supplier to get up to speed. You can have the latest and greatest from our custom wood shop. We have over 200 different styles to choose from, in all price points, styles, and finishes.

Make an appointment with us today. We’re happy to discuss your needs, set a budget that’s right for you, and plan out your new custom closet!

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